Twenty's Plenty for NYC

20's plenty for Us were presented at the "Stop Speeding Summit" in New York. The conference hosted by Transportation Alternatives brought together Transport, Road Safety, Health and Enforcement professionals.

NY State Senator Eric Adams (20th District) took a walk thru Park Slope with Rod King (Founder, 20's Plenty for Us) and Noah Budnick (Transportation Alternatives) to look at traffic and discuss the benefits of a 20 mph speed limit might have.

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Play street

A temporary, 24 hour/day street-to-park conversion becomes "one of the best things about Queens."  

New bike lane changes urban cycling dynamic

Here's an interesting video from NYC that shows how the addition of a buffered bike lane on a busy urban street created two groups of cyclists:  slower cyclists—who may not have previously felt safe riding on this street—riding in the bike lane and faster cyclists riding in car traffic.  The addition of the left-side bike lane brought about some additional obstacles for faster bicycle commuters, including delivery truck interference, taxi standing, pedestrians, left-turning cars, and bike "salmon."  Any similar observations in the Twin Cities?  

New York City DOT Street Design Manual

Recent "Complete Streets" improvements in Manhattan's 9th Avenue.

Looking for innovative US transportation agencies? The New York City DOT has been working closely with advocacy and planning organizations to help implement some of the most audacious placemaking and non-motorized transportation solutions in the US context.

Released at the end of May 2009, the New York City Street Design Manual encapsulates new DOT policies and design guidance to be applied by city agencies, design professionals, private developers and community groups for the improvement of streets and sidewalks throughout the city. Read more >