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Got any ideas / topics / comments for the first TCSP podcast?

The proposed Vikings stadium.

As part of a new jumpstart of the TC Streets for People website, I'm going to try and start a semi-regular "podcast" feature where people get together and chat about Twin Cities' urban design happenings. Nate Hood fromThoughts on the Urban Environment, and Spencer Agnew from City of Lakes Urbanism and I are going to officially tape the first episode tomorrow at 5:00, and I'd really appreciate any feedback.

The list of topics so far:

1) the Vikings stadium
2) downtown casinos
3) cities and snow

Please send questions, comments, or any interesting topics you may have! Reply to this post, email me at, or on twitter at @BillLindeke and we'll include your idea in our conversation. Read more >

Help us pick a new name!

Twin Cities Streets for People is entering a new era, and we'd like your help in making the transition.  Regular readers may have noticed a few new names popping up on this site in the last few weeks.  A discussion initiated by David Levinson (The Transportationist) early last month has brought several Minnesota bloggers together with aspirations of making a local version of something like Greater Greater Washington or the Streetsblog family of websites.  TCSP already has a mission similar to those outlets, so we decided to make use of existing infrastructure rather than attempting to make something completely new.  This lets us get moving more quickly.

However, a few changes are in the pipeline—first among these is a new name.  "Twin Cities Streets for People" sends a positive message, but there's a sense among many of us that it's a bit cumbersome.  So, what would you like to see as the name of the premier Minnesota/Twin Cities site related to placemaking, sustainability, and other urban planning topics?

Here's a list of nominees we've selected:

  • / .com
  • /

Please give us your vote in the comments!  Voting will run until the end of the day on Wednesday, September 28th. Read more >

10/10/10 Global Work Party (

Photo credit:

Today in 188 countries people from around the world will celebrate a day to encourage our autorities to work on the climate crisis Read more >


Greetings, we are currently completing an upgrade to the Twin Cities Streets for People site; all site features should be back to normal by July 5 2010. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks for making StreetsTalk a Success!

Melissa Constantine gives an overview of "Open Streets"

Thanks to all those who came out and made Tuesday's StreetsTalk a great success (and especially to West Bank Social Center for hosting and the Hampden Park Co-op for donating snacks).  After a presentation about "Open Streets" by Melissa Constantine, a group of about 20 people discussed the idea of having an event here in the Twin Cities.  There was great enthusiasm about the potential for this event, and the general concensus was to think big.  More details in the full story. Read more >

Introducing StreetsTalk: a monthly event to reimagine streets

Our first topic: Sunday Streets, which filled San Francisco's 24th Street with activity (photo by Nick Perry, SF Planning Dept.)

Join Twin Cities Streets for People the last Tuesday of every month for a series of events aimed at sparking dialogue, promoting networking and inspiring change for better streets.  The events will kick off this month with a discussion event about Ciclovias, or Open Streets.  

After a thought-provoking presentation from TC Streets for People's Melissa Constantine, participants will be invited to question, discuss and develop the idea of hosting an Open Streets event in the Twin Cities. Interested participants will be invited to join a working group that will develop this idea beyond the night's discussion. Read more >

Improving the Streets for People site

Please pardon our dust as we make a number of big improvements to the website of Twin Cities Streets for People over the next week. If you have any suggestions, please include them as a comment to this post. Read more >

Happy Hour Report

Lots of folks at Club Jaeger!

The first ever Twin Cities Streets for People Happy Hour was a great success! More than twenty folks enjoyed good drinks and conversation (youngest was Mr. Bear, 22 months, who brought his mom and enjoyed delicious apple juice).

Keep tuned for the next Happy Hour, we enjoyed it so much we might have them kind of often! (and don't forget, the Happy Hour also was the kickoff to our One-A-Day membership campaign - click here to join - it's only $25!)