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Twin Cities Streets for People is currently a 100% member-supported and volunteer-driven effort. Become a member or volunteer today to help realize our vision for more people-centered streets.

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Become a member of Twin Cities Streets for People and make a financial contribution to support our work. A large number of regular people can together become an effective voice for change and a large number of small contributions provide the resources we need to transform our cities for the better.

While we are in need of Founding Members (a gift of $1,000 or above) our strength and effectiveness comes from having a wide base of many individual supporters. Find the level of membership that fits your financial circumstances and make a donation today:

  • $1,000 +  (Founding Member)
  • $500 + (City Builder)
  • $100 + (Place Maker)
  • $50 + (Active Mover)
  • $25 + (Community Supporter)


We're in need of volunteers for tasks large and small. If you're interested, contact us by using this form

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