Peeve O' The Day: June 9, 2009

Sidewalks that turn into parking ramp exits
The sidewalk on Wabasha St. and 6th St. in Downtown Saint Paul.

Parking ramps in downtowns often emphasize cars over pedestrians. Aside for those aggravating "Caution Car Approaching" flashing lights and sound devices, one of the worst things these buildings do is to have parking lot on/off ramps extend to the outside of the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk down scary, dark, and aesthetically bleak alleyways.

Here's one of those sidewalk parking ramp tunnels in downtown Saint Paul... an unfortunately common sight in the 60s/70s modernist parts of downtowns.


Garage Ramps

This is one of those ideas that looks great on paper but doesn't turn out that great IRL... Any quantitative analysis will determine that this sort of design is a GREAT idea. But once it's built, it is depressing and unpleasant.