What is Twin Cities Streets for People?

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform Twin Cities streets into community spaces that are inviting for people of all ages and abilities to walk, bicycle, socialize and play.

Our Vision

We envision streets that connect people to their communities.  Streets are not just transportation corridors, but community spaces full of people getting to know their neighbors, walking, bicycling, socializing and playing.  Car ownership is optional, and people can access jobs, school, health care and local businesses by walking, bicycling or transit.  Our transportation choices make us healthier by keeping us active and not polluting the air. Our streets are beautiful, reflect the unique qualities of our neighborhoods, and contribute to health, happiness, and pride in where we live.

Our Methods

We seek to empower communities to transform Twin Cities streets.  We connect people to knowledge, each other, and decision-makers.  We focus our efforts on information sharing, community engagement, education and "alternative ideation" - the visioning and imagination of new ways to re-make streets for people. 

Our Projects

Our projects fall into four strategic areas:

  • Provide resources and information that help communities envision more people-oriented streets.
  • Cultivate a network of citizens working in communities throughout the Twin Cities to promote people-oriented streets.
  • Support community planning by working with neighborhood groups to improve their streets.
  • Spearhead and support campaigns to involve citizens in decision-making and ensure that the best possible policies, funding and designs for people-oriented streets are utilized.

How can I contribute to this work? 

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