Help us pick a new name!

Twin Cities Streets for People is entering a new era, and we'd like your help in making the transition.  Regular readers may have noticed a few new names popping up on this site in the last few weeks.  A discussion initiated by David Levinson (The Transportationist) early last month has brought several Minnesota bloggers together with aspirations of making a local version of something like Greater Greater Washington or the Streetsblog family of websites.  TCSP already has a mission similar to those outlets, so we decided to make use of existing infrastructure rather than attempting to make something completely new.  This lets us get moving more quickly.

However, a few changes are in the pipeline—first among these is a new name.  "Twin Cities Streets for People" sends a positive message, but there's a sense among many of us that it's a bit cumbersome.  So, what would you like to see as the name of the premier Minnesota/Twin Cities site related to placemaking, sustainability, and other urban planning topics?

Here's a list of nominees we've selected:

  • / .com
  • /

Please give us your vote in the comments!  Voting will run until the end of the day on Wednesday, September 28th.



Not "stronger" or "improve" (which I saw in the RSS feed) - too vague. Minnurbia is too dorky, mnurbanism too wonky. isn't bad, but is short, pointed, and maintains your brand (when did I learn to talk like this?).

How about Urban Minnesota

How about Urban Minnesota (

Why does a comment need a subject?

I vote for for sure. for sure., 100 times out of, 100 times out of 100 times. is the best idea so far.

Not to jump on the bandwagon,

Not to jump on the bandwagon, but yeah, among those,

Yes, (1) (2)

Adding "People" =

Adding "People" = cumbersome?!?! "Twin Cities Streets for People" is good - it conveys an important change in how we think about transportation infrastructure.  The "people" part of the name is the important part!  Keep it!  Or MN Streets for People if you need to expand it geographically.