Winter Cycling in Minneapolis

From TCSP reader Kate:

I took these pictures over the course of several weeks this winter. I was amazed that people were cycling on the streets of Minneapolis no matter what the conditions or temperature. There are several pictures that were taken when it was barely above zero! Most of the time, I was in my car but sometimes I just parked or got out of my car and waited for a subject until I was too cold. I found out that shooting moving targets is tricky! Minneapolis' reputation as the top bicycle city in the country (according to Bicycling Magazine) is well earned!

Enjoy and feel free to post this on your blog or facebook. All the images were taken by me and the music is royalty free.

Thank you Kate for sharing this excellent video!



As a cyclist in Michigan, it's encouraging to see others riding through the winter too. Great video!

Winter Commuting

Nice pictures.  It sure was a tough winter for commuting.  I liked the picture of the Winther trike;  we rented one in Copenhagen in 2009 and had a blast riding it there.  The name suits the theme.