Road Diets: 10th Avenue SE Minneapolis, MN a low-cost approach to Complete Streets

Working with local governments, BWTC is adding nearly 90 miles of new bike ways and sidewalks in the Twin Cities and investing in innovative programs (such as Nice Ride Minnesota bike sharing and the Sibley Community Partners Bike Library) community outreach (through the Bike Walk Ambassadors and St. Paul Smart-Trips’ neighborhood marketing), planning, and measurement.

Bike Walk Twin Cities, a program of Transit for Livable Communities, is a federally-funded initiative to increase biking and walking, and reduce driving in Minneapolis and neighboring communities.

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Video prepared by Lang Multimedia


Nice to see

I'm surprised I missed that change, though I don't live near 10th anymore.  I used to take that 5th Street pedestrian bridge every day, so I'm glad an effort is being made to make that road more bike- and pedestrian-friendly.


36th street in New hope did this and now the bike (shoulder)  is full of snow


great news!

I'm always glad to hear of more places implementing road diets. Typically you get a lot of opposition at first from motorists and even pedestrians who fear (contrary to logic and reason) inevitable gridlock. But once a few projects are implemented, it becomes clear that conditions improve dramatically, and residents and road users become strong supporters of road diets.

Urban Village

Almost makes me want to move to the Cities!  I hope this happens more and more in Rochester so that our little urban village becomes riddled with bicyclists and pedestrians too.  Great job!  

With all due respect, this

With all due respect, this bike lane ends at 5th Street, and doesn't continue again until the 10th Ave Bridge.  Although it is only two blocks, it is one of the most conjested blocks in that part of town.  If you look at the video closely, it does not show these two blocks post-repainting.  Granted, a lot has been done, but not enough and not enough congruency for the safety of cyclists.

10th Ave Bike Lanes

I live on 10th Avenue and there are no bike lanes,  these areas are now used for snow storage.


10th Avenue SE project to be continued

Thanks for the observation Paul.  The City of Minneapolis will be doing some more work this construction season that would have affected the two blocks on 10th Avenue that you point out have no bike lanes at this point.  For better or worse, they decided to postpone the reconfiguration of the road for those two blocks until the other work is taking place.  The Road Diet is planned to be a complete connection filling in the gap between 5th Street and the 10th Avenue bridge.