Our mission is to help transform Twin Cities streets into community spaces that invite people of all ages, cultures and abilities to walk, bicycle, socialize and play.

MetCouncil Bikeway maps and data

A growing network of bicycle trails helps provide additional connections in our region.


Seattle Times: Pedal pushers making headway

Are we ready to go bicycling? Could these times of climate change, gas-price inflation and bulging waistlines be prepping us for new waves of weekend biking adventures? Maybe even to leave cars parked and cycle to work daily?

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson is one of a growing coterie of city leaders who believe the moment is ripe. Keynoting this year's National Bike Summit in Washington, Abramson described how an early 2005 Louisville gathering of cycling enthusiasts has changed his city's focus. Read more >

He wants to reclaim towns for pedestrians

Dan Burden is playing in traffic. The lanky 50-something scurries into the busy main street of this western New York village, unfurling a metal tape measure as he goes. He gets a quick measurement of the distance from the curb to the double yellow line, then retreats to the sidewalk.

"Twenty-two feet," he says. "Plenty of room for a bike lane." Read more >

2007 Benchmarking Report “Bicycling and Walking in the U.S.”

Photo: via flickr by pcopros

Findings from 2007 Benchmarking Report Read more >

WSJ: Building a Better Bike Lane

Article from the Wall Street Journal on existing European and potential US bicycle facility practices. Read more >

Chicago Tribune: Chicago's Master Plan: Don't drive. Just bike.

The City of Chicago is set to unveil new plans for becoming a bicyclist's haven. And this time, it means business: the City's new proposal includes a 500-mile network of paths to be finished by 2015.

  Read more >