Our mission is to help transform Twin Cities streets into community spaces that invite people of all ages, cultures and abilities to walk, bicycle, socialize and play.

Plus O' The Day: September 13, 2011

New bikes lanes on Fremont
New bike lanes on Fremont Avenue, in North Minneapolis.

Brand new, just a couple of days old, in North Minneapolis along Fremont Avenue (Emerson is the northbound pair) - and not only bikes lanes where no previous ones existed, but buffered bike lanes (do you notice that space between the bike lane and the motor vehicle travel lanes? a little extra separation for the safety and comfort of cyclists).

A hearty thank you to the City of Minneapolis Public Works Department and to TLC / Bike Walk Twin Cities and their implementation of the Federal NTP project.

(s)Miles City

After a chaotic boarding at Missoula’s Greyhound Station, I was finally on my way to Miles City (~480 miles East of Missoula), the place where I would begin to Ride the Talk. My seat buddy, an exhausted mom, had already been on several buses for the past 24 hours when she made her transfer in Missoula with her two young children. I was feeling for her when her child began to kick the back of my seat (incessantly) and she began the battle of the threats – “Stop it, or no treat when we get there.” It could’ve been a world record for the length of time a two-year old needed to behave. I was hardly an hour into my trip and I wanted to kick the back of my own seat. Read more >

Not exactly a Frogger situation

The intersection of Pleasant St. & Arlington St.

The intersection at Pleasant and Arlington Streets on the University of Minnesota's East Bank got some new traffic lights to handle a projected increase in traffic flow. But what's up with those pushbutton-activated "Walk" signs? Read more >

Peeve O' The Day: September 8, 2011

Almost Getting a Crosswalk Correctly
The "stop for pedestrians in crosswalk" sign near the busy Grand and Syndicate intersection.

Here's a busy street corner in St Paul's pedestrian friendly Grand Avenue where the city ALMOST got it right. They took the trouble to put in a "Please Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalk" neon yellow sign across from the grocery store.

The only trouble is that there are no crosswalks anywhere near here.

Bicycle safety ad - for motor vehicle drivers

From a Dutch government campaign aimed at improving safety for bicycle riders. Via Copenhagenize >

Peeve O' The Day: September 7, 2011

Bike Lanes In Which It Is Legal to Park Your Car
The bike lane on Como Avenue SE allows legal parking except for a few hours each morning.

What is the point of making a designated bike lane on a street if you allow cars to park in it? I think someone somewhere is missing the point.

Then to Now: How to Destroy a City

Franklin and Lyndale circa 1920

The Nokohaha Blog occasionally runs a feature called “Then and Now". It takes a photograph of a building in the Twin Cities  from sometime in the past 100 years, and compares it to how it looks today. The most noticeable feature of the “Now” is how we’ve so aggressively degraded our urban environment to accommodate the automobile. Read more >

Northern Lights Express route approved by FRA

View Northern Lights Express route alternatives in a larger map

The Twin Cities and the Twin Ports are on track to be connected by passenger rail again within the next few years. The Federal Railroad Administration has told the Minneapolis – Duluth/Superior Passenger Rail Alliance—the joint-powers board backing the Northern Lights Express train—that the preferred route (#9) has been approved. As part of a 7-month review, the FRA had asked for information on two alternate routes (#11 and #11A) which had ranked fairly well in previous studies. In both cases, trains would have traveled east from Minneapolis before heading north along the old "Skally Line" until reaching Hinckley. However, those routes would have been slower for many riders and would require rebuilding a significant chunk of trackbed which has been abandoned and largely converted into bike trails. Read more >

Minneapolis Bike/Ped Coordinator Position is up for a City Council Vote Tomorrow

A future Minneapolis cyclist, if all goes well.

This just in from the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition:

Tomorrow morning–Friday, September 2–the City Council will vote on a proposal to eliminate funding for an important new Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator position. The vote may be close and your calls will make a big difference.

Please contact your City Council Member RIGHT NOW to let them you that know support this position. (And share this with your friends!)

Read more >